Values of the Company

SAFETY — people’s health and life is always in a priority;

QUALITY AND SPEED — the basis of trust and satisfaction of our customers;

PROFESSIONALISM — the base of impeccable reputation and a key factor for the realization of the company’s mission;

EMPLOYEES — our competitive advantage is that we are constantly developing our employees;

RESPONSIBILITY – each employee of the company seeks to fulfil the undertaken obligations on the basis of beliefs of the professional and human duty.

Why people choose us

1 reason

People build new houses, roads to the house, factories for production of objects of comfort to improve their lives, to become happy.
Our experts do not just build, they put their souls in every new project. We are confident that our mission is to build happiness for our customers.


Every person, every company we work with, are important for us, unique. We have been working for many years to create the most effective relations at all levels of interaction. We build quality and durable buildings, so that every person — living or working in our homes, offices, factories, passing through the roads constructed by us could be sure for their comfort and safety.


Trust is our main capital, which we accumulate with each new successfully completed project.
We are trusted with the construction of high-rise residential and commercial buildings, high-tech plants, highways and bridges of international importance, objects of power infrastructure.
More than 700 projects in Kazakhstan and abroad are the result of the work of our professionals who love their business.

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