Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house: 7
Number of apartments: 20
Area of apartments: from 104,53 sq.m to 190,2 sq.m
Warm parking: 64 places
Location: crossing of №24 St. and Orynbor St.

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«VIVERE» — live in the rhythm of the capital! A new residential complex from “ORDA INVEST” corporation, which can change your habitual way of life to the best. Take care of your comfort and correspond to the rhythm of the modern city.

The residential complex «VIVERE» is located on the left bank of Astana, on crossing of Orynbor and No.24 streets. It is the perspective area, which is now being actively built up. Soon around the residential complex «VIVERE» will be one of the most dynamic quarters of the capital of Kazakhstan.

»ORDA INVEST» Corporation is a reliable developer of the country and places high demands on the construction of its facilities. That is why the facade, decoration, architectural image and proportions of the new residential complex will correspond to the standards of the highest quality.

The seven-story VIVERE complex consists of inhabited and office blocks which are united in uniform space by an underground parking. Create the world of the desires. For this, the first and second floors of the residential block are designed with built-in rooms with the possibility of free planning.

It is only necessary to show imagination and you will live in the cozy house of your dream.

For those, who appreciate comfort, from the third to the seventh floor there are spacious two, three and four bedroom apartments with an improved modern planning.

The whole image of the residential complex combines classical traditions with elements of modern architecture. In the external finishing only natural, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used. Among them- travertine, granite, and the decor of the facade is made from fiber concrete.

The concept «The yard without cars» is applied to the best convenience and safety of residents in improvement of the yard.

On the fenced adjoining area, only cars of the emergency services will be able to get access, all other transport will have direct entrance to underground parking.

It should be noted that the maximum comfort in the complex «VIVERE» is provided with high quality of construction, individual decisions, the latest engineering developments, correctly created infrastructure and successful microclimate of the area.