Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house: 8 + penthouse
Number of entrances: 5
Number of apartments: 184
Quadrature of apartments: from 78.5 sq.m.
Number of office premises: 11
Warm parking: 209 cars
Location: Orynbor St.

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The residential complex “Sultan Apartments » embodied the unique architectural traditions of the East. Behind the classical facade of the residential complex are hidden the most modern construction technologies. The elegant view opens from the windows to the stunning architecture of the left bank, the Triumphal Arch  and the Presidential Park  which are located along the embankment of the Ishim River.

 Prestigious location

The Residential Complex «Sultan Apartments» is located in the left-bank part of the capital, along the eastern side of Orynbor Avenue, south of the street Kerey and Zhanibek Khanov. The residential complex is located near the well-known Arch of Independence and the Presidential Park. Currently, this part of the city is actively developing. The city is intensively built up with residential and administrative buildings. In 2014, it is planned to build a school and kindergartens.


The design of the residential complex combines classical architectural traditions with elements of oriental style and technical achievements of modern technologies. Future residents will appreciate the beauty of hand-made facade decoration, effective entrance groups, exquisite arched windows, decorative balconies and spacious terraces.

 Private apartments

The yard space of the house is separated from the roadway and is protected from wind and noise by the symmetrical configuration of the house. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of residents and their children, cars entering the inner courtyard of the complex are restricted by access control.

Use of the latest technologies and natural materials

The complex is constructed from the best and environmentally friendly materials. There are increased noise and thermal insulation.

The walls are made from a reinforced concrete frame filled with solid brick, two insulating mineral wool slabs are installed on a basalt base 120 mm thick.

External finishing of the house is made from the polished travertine and granite.

Author’s design of halls

The interiors of the lobby and ladder halls are executed on the individual author’s design project.  The luxury and comfort of the halls emphasizes the use of noble natural and highly environmentally friendly materials.