Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house: 6
Number of entrances: 3, 5
Number of apartments: 35/70/73
Area of apartments: from 94 sq.m. to 300 sq.m.
Number of office rooms: 12
Warm parking: 58/116/59
Location: Saraishyk St. / Karashash Ana St.

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Construction period:

The 1st turn — August, 2011 — August, 2012.

The 2nd turn — May, 2012 — August, 2013.

The 3rd turn — August, 2012 — November, 2013.

The residents of the first stage were handed keys in August 2012. In August 2013, the lucky owners of the new apartments of the second stage took keys and congratulations with the house-warming, in November 2013 , keys were handed over to the owners of the complex «Оркен de luxe» -3.

The Elite residential complex «Оркен de luxe» is your home, where comfort, luxury, security, tranquility converge in a single whole. The harmony and balance are qualities that most accurately characterize the complex «Оркен de luxe». It is an alliance of the old and the new, where classical notes of architecture are in harmony with the exquisite interior design and high-quality finishes.

Prestigious location

The main feature of the residential complex «Оркен de Luxe» is its location in a quiet corner of the left bank of Astana, on crossing of streets Saraishyk and Karashash Ana. Being in the busiest area of the capital, you are protected from the bustle of the central city streets. Near the residential complex are located the SEC «Khan-Shatyr», SEC «Saryarka», the building «KazMunayGaz», and other large commercial and business centers. Enjoy the cultural atmosphere of the city in close proximity to the new theater of Opera and Ballet. The main sports arenas of the capital are also located nearby.


The harmonious combination of classical notes and modern trends in architecture, strict and restrained design of the facade emphasize the high status of the complex «Оркен de luxe». Much attention is paid to environmental friendliness of a housing estate. In exterior finish of the building only the most qualitative materials and expensive breeds of stone are used.

Interior design of halls

The internal space of entrances supports general impression of wealth. Halls and landings are executed on the exclusive project of the leading designers of Kazakhstan. Comfortable and silent elevators, space between floors complements a picture of comfort and safety.

Cozy yard space

Gardening of the territory of the complex will create the pleasant atmosphere and will protect from vanity of the city. Residents of the house and their guests can use the convenient parking, which is under the close attention of the security service of the complex.

The entrance space of entrances supports general impression of the prestige.

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the attention paid to the details in the interiors of the lobbies and halls.