Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house:6 + penthouses
Number of apartments: 90 + 8 two-level penthouses
Quadrature of apartments: from 106 sq.m to 515 sq.m
Number of office rooms: 11
Warm parking: 96 places
Location: Syganak St. / Akmeshit St.
Construction period: June, 2013 — July, 2014.

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At the moment, our team is working on the construction of the second stage of the residential complex «Europe Palace», which will be completed in September 2014.

The residential complex «Europe Palace II» is a worthy continuation of the idea of creating an elite residential complex «Europe Palace I» in the center of the capital. The apartment in the  residential complex «Europe Palace II» — is a quiet harbor of comfort and chic in the city center. Which is the privilege of the elite, emphasizing your status.

Prestigious location

Nazarbayev Intellectual school, Fitness Center «Life Fitness», Akimat and center for human services of Esilsky district are located near the complex. Also it is necessary to note the perspective location of the complex next to the future unique hotel center «Abu Dhabi Plaza».


The technology of monolithic and brick construction is used during the erection. The facade of the building is revetted with travertine and granite.

Cozy yard space

Hedges, undersized trees, lawns with long-term flowers decorating a walking recreation area, convenient benches will make it possible for residents to create an atmosphere of pleasant pastime.

The refined lobby, with finishing from noble materials.

The special comfort for residents is created by elevators of «Mitsubishi». The guarantor of the security of the residential complex is a highly qualified concierge service, professional video surveillance systems, access mode and access control system.