Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house: 7
Number of blocks: 3
Number of entrances: 5
Number of apartments: 102
Parking: warm, 136 places
Quadrature of apartments: from 43,73 sq.m to 125,45 sq.m
Location: Orynbor St.

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“Altyn Arna” is a reliable harbor where good family traditions develop, and a new history of your family is written. In this project everything that inhabitants appreciate is considered: the thoughtful various planning of apartments, a warm underground parking, safety and comfort of each corner.

In all blocks of the residential complex “Altyn Arna” the design finishing of entrance groups will be executed. The open spaces filled with a living stream of the sunlight cause a feeling of a height and ease. The territory of the courtyard will be arranged with special attention and care of inhabitants. Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds, green recreation areas with benches will provide you space for walks with children and pleasant leisure.

Apartments of the complex is the confirmation of your status, a symbol of respectability and refined taste.

Prestigious location

A special advantage of the location of the residential complex “Altyn Arna” is its magnificent place for a comfortable and cozy life.  The complex is located in the city of Astana down the street Orynbor, on crossing of streets No. 26 and Hussein-ben-Talal, near the “ Expo 2017” project.

Kindergartens, «Nazarbayev University», objects of public health, culture and leisure are located near the residential complex.

From the windows of the apartments there is a beautiful panoramic view of the botanical garden with a park zone, which in the coming years will become another iconic sights of the capital of Kazakhstan.

Building Technologies

In all our houses we create comfortable living conditions, which are realized by applying modern engineering technologies and high quality standards.

  • The finishing of the residential complex is executed from a natural stone – travertine
  • The windows of the house are equipped with a metaplastic frame with a threefold double-glazed windows and with strengthened noise isolations.
  • Radiators of heating are supplied with temperature regulators.
  • The system of an electrical wiring in the house was carried out with use of the most modern methods that allows not to worry about the quality and safety.
  • Rooms for storage of wheelchairs and bicycles are allocated, this measure makes life easier for young mothers and cyclists.

The construction of the complex is carried out by brick-monolithic technology, this approach allows to maintain a comfortable microclimate inside of apartments. In summer the house is cool, and in winter, even at the most severe weather, the house remains warm, which is very important for the residents of Astana.


We continue to care of you after commissioning of the building.

At your service: the round-the-clock dispatching and operation services which serve housing estates and carry out prompt response on requests of residents.

Our highly qualified specialists are always ready to help with ensuring high-quality guarantee and post-warranty maintenance. The service department collects and analyses data on the equipment malfunction, which in the future ensures their high operational reliability.

It is important for us to build a quality house, and continue to take care of it even after commissioning.


One of the most significant conditions for comfortable living in our residential complexes is the technical protection system.

External and internal video surveillance will create additional security and comfort of living.

Specialists of “ORDA INVEST SECURITY” will provide full and effective protection of both residents of the house and common property. The security system includes access control to protected objects, a video surveillance system, and security and fire alarm systems.


The automation package includes the following functions:

  • Video intercom (parking, courtyard, entrance to the entrance)
  • Light traffic sensors in the parking and entrance
  • Sensors of sunlight (adjoining territory, yard, entrances)
  • The video intercom includes a security alarm button