Описание проекта

Number of storeys of the house: 7
Quantity of entrances: 6
Number of apartments: 150
Area of apartments: from 80 sq.m. to 136 sq.m.
Number of office rooms: 4
Warm parking: 154 and convenient guest parking
Construction period:April, 2013 — July, 2014
Location: Kabanbay Batyr Ave.

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The residential complex «Asem Tas» is a real gift to the residents of the capital, which is located on crossing of Kabanbai Batyr Ave. and Kerey St. and Zhanibek Khandar  St.

The house embodied the highest quality of construction. Beauty and grace is complemented by a unique eco-idea, inspiration born in stone.

Today keys are given to happy owners of apartments in a new complex.

Stone is a symbol of eternity, inviolability, reliability, the basis of the strong house. As construction material, stone has proved in the best way long ago. “The ORDA INVEST” corporation has embodied all sides of this gift of the nature in a new housing estate — «Asem Tas».

Prestigious location

«Асем Тас» is an unusual combination of good quality and elegance, central location and silence. The convenient location of the complex on the central highways of the capital, where the main business centers, supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers of the capital, the ice palace «Alau», the Republican cycle track «Saryarka», the Center for Maternity and Childhood are all necessary for the harmonious life of your family are located. Regardless of the squares, the layout of the apartments is very cozy and comfortable.


External finishing of the complex is made of travertine, which is the strong natural stone of warm colors having additional insulating properties. Internal finishing of ladders and entrances are faced with ceramic granite, and the floor is paved with natural granite.

Interior design of halls

The design of stairways and entrance panels was designed by the best designers of the country. The interior design is very harmonious with the concept of the residential complex. You will be pleased to come back to the beautiful, cozy house, which beauty starts from the courtyard that accompanies you to the apartment.

Cozy yard space

Public zones of the complex are pleasing with green compositions, fragrant flower beds, convenient garden benches and the equipped playground.

The interior of a housing estate «Asem Tas» differs in its grace and beauty.