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Melior Group

«MELIOR GROUP» is a group of companies that has been working in the construction market since 2006 and has a good reputation in the construction industry of Kazakhstan.

During this time, our company has successfully completed many construction projects in Astana and Almaty. Among them, the most famous became the architectural heritage of central streets of Astana: a housing estate «Europe Palace I, II», «Orken de luxe», «Orken Apartments», «Asem Tas», «Sultan Apartments», «Altyn arna», «Asyl Park», «VIVERE», «Янтарный», «Nur Aspan» and «Жетiген», as well an elite housing estate «Тау-Самал» in Almaty.

The total area of construction of residential real estate is 328 786 m2.

Besides construction of housing, the company has established itself as a reliable, quality developer also in the field of commercial real estate. Specialists of the construction company «Melior Group» erected the building of hypermarkets «Arzan», «Magnum» and «Metro».

The total area of construction of commercial real estate is 212 807 m2.

The construction company «Melior Group» has its own industrial base, on the balance of the organization there are more than 250 kinds of different road construction equipment of European manufacture. The total area of the complex is 12 hectares.

We offer a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • Construction of residential real estate;
  • Construction of commercial real estate;
  • Construction of industrial facilities.

The group of companies «Melior Group» includes such companies as LLP «Melior  Beton», «Melior Cranes»,  «MG Steel», «Melior  Logistic»  and others.

«Melior Group» — is primarily a positive and creative team of professionals.

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Orda Invest
Orda Invest
The qualitative Contractor, whom we can recommend. They have a huge park of special equipment. Also they have pleasantly surprised by the availability of tower cranes.
Opinion about our company 93%
Аламан Курылыс
Аламан Курылыс
We have been cooperating with this company for a long time, the company strongly helps out to supply high-quality concrete and metal products to the objectives.
Opinion about our company 96%

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